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  Shanghai Huide Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., which founded in 1997, is an integration of research, production, sales, and service, a private enterprise specialized in producing PU resin for synthetic leather、polyester polyol.  Huide is located in Shanghai, the center of China’s economy, finance, trade, and shipping. Also, Huide has a very convenient transportation since it is quite close to highways such as Xinfengjin and Huhang.

Huide pursues the policies “Integrity, Innovation, Service, and Collaboration”. Through continuous improvement in management and innovation in technology, Huide is among the forefront in the industry by its high product quality and excellent service. With polyurethane resin and polyester polyol as the two major series of products, Huide has possessed the annual production capacity of 150,000 tons and 80,000 tons for each of them respectively. The collections of polyurethane resin  include dry coating、dry adhesive、wet process , especially dry two-component、dry foam type、wet nubuck、high peel strength、hydrolyzing resis and high peel strength、cold-resistant and non-yellowing etc. The polyester polyol branch has developed elastomers for various purposes such as adhesives, TPU, soles etc. Currently, Huide has a high reputation in the industry, and the products have reached the advanced level internationally and achieved the first-class standard domestically.

Following the service philosophy “Be Integral, Everyone Benefits, Customer First, and Pursue Development” and depending on excellent sales team, outstanding professional technical support, excellent product quality, and efficient transport system, Huide has established a long-term and stable collaboration with lots of domestic customers. In addition, Huide has successfully explored the international market, and the products have been exported to Southest Asia, Eurpoe, America, and many other countries and regions.

Huide has a first-class research and development center of technology, a full range of precise experimentation and testing equipment, and a research and development team composed of international and domestic outstanding professionals. Based on these, Huide has always been developing new products and improving the innovation ability. Up to now, Huide has obtained the ISO 9001, 2000, ISO14000, and ISO18000 certification. Also, Huide has been enhancing the whole efficiency of the enterprise using the modern information management system.

To be successful in the ever changing market, Huide has been making full use of its advantages and perceiving the industrial expansion as the developmental strategy. Following the lead of the market and depending on Huide people, Huide has been combining the industrial, brand, and capital management and pursuing innovation in technology and management in order to achieve sustainable development of the whole enterprise. Looking forward to the future, Huide will develop high-tech products of the advanced international level and explore low carbon products with environmental benefits. In addition, Huide will further expand domestic and international markets, and actively explore, develop, and strive towards to a more competitive enterprise.
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